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2020 Artists


Nathan Sandberg

The works I submit here represent a realization and a turning point or change in my studio practice. It may not be permanent but it is happening right now, in real time, and I'm enjoying it.  Meanwhile, it is no secret that the world around us is also changing at an increasingly quick rate.  With that change comes increased complexity within our daily lives. By creating panes of glass that will first attract and then distract, I aim to relieve viewers from the intangible, unattractive aspects of our complex world. I hope to make just a couple of moments, for someone, a bit more enjoyable through beauty. 

This new work gives me an opportunity to celebrate the glassier attributes of this material such as transparency, color, and gloss that I absolutely do not have a reputation for engaging in the past.  An important aspect of the work is the simplicity of its objective and the fact that it is an informed response to living with glass full time and repeatedly bearing witness to how amazing and versatile it is as a material. Usually these simple moments of clarity happen in the studio between myself and a random piece of material. Sometimes it is the part that was cut off, to be discarded, that is more interesting than a piece I spend a month or more refining.  Sometimes it's a disregarded piece that happens to be at the right place at the right time of day when the sun hits it just so!

Community: North Portland
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Talk Time

Saturday, October 10th

1:30 - 2:00 pm

Instagram: @ongradestudio

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