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2020 Artists


PM Shore

Moving from the city to an island has given me time to experiment and reflect on what I paint and why. I am energized by the change-up in subjects and intrigued by the way my painting shifts when I move from cityscapes and landscapes to subjects with deeper social meaning and emotional content. It is deeply satisfying to present art that is enriching to the observer both on the visceral level that color, motion and texture provides, but also, the rational acknowledgement of the need to just think. As a result, I am working on conceptual abstracts penetrating the consciousness of chosen personal commitments and expressionistic explorations of our intense current social order. Work that frees me to exercise my creativity and explore colors, shapes and marks and how they affect feelings and thoughts that motivate action.

Acrylic | Painting
Community: NW Portland
(503) 560-1747 |
Facebook: pm.shore
Instagram: pmshoreart


Talk Time

Sunday, October 18th

2:00 - 2:30 pm

Instagram: @pmshoreart

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