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2020 Artists


Martha Wurzelbacher

I have been passionately making art for most of my life as a means of self expression and spiritual fulfillment.  Over the years I have explored a variety of media including painting, printmaking, metalwork, glasswork, ceramics and sound. I also made molds and cast architectural ornament for historic buildings while running my own business for many years in San Francisco and Portland , doing restoration and custom work for my clients. My most recent return to painting as my primary endeavor allows me to incorporate my love for many materials and techniques by creating mixed media frames which are imperative to each piece. I am currently focused on transitioning my studio into an interactive exhibition space that showcases both my two and three dimensional work in a revolving retrospective installation where all the pieces relate to each other amidst a setting of organic materials, creating a sensory experience that transforms our everyday reality. The space is also home to my collection of unusual musical instruments which I enjoy fabricating and restoring from salvage materials.

Regardless of the medium that I am working in, my primary intention is to connect with the subconscious side of my nature, allowing the fluidity of the creative process determine the outcome of my art. This approach provides inspiration and motivation for continuing my artistic practices and maintaining some kind of clarity while living  in an ever changing and chaotic urban environment . The imagery in my paintings and sculpture most often arrives intuitively and is manifested while I work. Because my greatest inspiration comes from observing the life cycle of nature, I feel like I am connecting with some universal symbolic archetypes which are presented to me. Although I am not always able to explain the meaning of the visual images which arise, I enjoy sharing my dreamlike vision and hope to inspire the viewer to experience their own personal sensation of an intriguing subliminal realm.

Painting | Sculpture | Other
Community: NW Portland
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