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2020 Artists


Rachel Young

Intrigued by the intricacies of the tiny that are often overlooked, my passion for color, texture, and balance embodies the beauty and depth of a macro world view. I explore both natural and human made subjects. My artwork is frequently described as painting with beads. I employ an ancient, indigenous, Mexican Huichol beading technique to create contemporary artwork by embedding thousands of glass beads into beeswax/resin. Every bead is individually applied to create a unique and modern perspective from an age-old art technique. Each piece contains approximately 285 beads per square inch. Nearly 50,000 beads create a 13" x 13" artwork. 

I have practiced Huichol style beadwork since 2016. After a near-death, medical event in October 2018, I filled my days and frequent sleepless nights with rediscovering and refining my artistic voice and technique. I now use my beading process as a meditative, creative conduit to explore themes of Resilience, Hope, Grace and Beauty.

Community: NE Portland
(503) 841-8974 |
Facebook: Rachelyoungartist
Instagram: rachelyoungartist


Talk Time

Sunday, October 11th

3:30 - 4:00 pm

Instagram: @rachelyoungartist

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