A Word from the President

You might think of Portland Open Studios as an October happening. And yes, while it’s true our flagship event – the citywide open art studio tour – takes place over the second and third weekends of October, our 100 artists are around and visible  all year round. And we want to do more!

You’ll see us demoing and sharing our process at the art stores Blick, Artist & Craftsman and Collage all summer and into the fall. We are showing art in venues all over the city. We are working with high school interns (our application program is still open, go  here  to register.  And this year, our interns will be showing WITH us during the October tour.

Many of us offer classes in our studios all year long. We believe with a passion that everyone should love art, do art, and appreciate art. We think your life will be better for it, and we want to connect with you! This year, when we launch our new October tour guide phone app (in late summer), we will include a calendar function – that means all our artists can report on classes, shows, public exhibitions and other events all year round. It also means you can find them, in one place. (Thank hard-working board members David Friedman, Maude May and Duck Holland, and volunteer/data administrator Charlotte Cunningham for all the ground work they are doing now to launch this project).

But we are also open to ideas from you, the community. Please tell us if you have ideas about how we can interact with YOU! We love visiting schools, public offices, corporations, nursing homes. We are open to programming ideas of all kinds. We are an army of 100 artists, and we would like to serve our community. So please do tell us how: Write to me with any ideas, at leah@portlandopenstudios.com.

We are listening.

Much Respect,

Leah Kohlenberg
President, Portland Open Studios

Volunteer Opportunities for Artists

Hello artists!  Here are some Volunteer/demo/exhibit opportunities this summer for you all:

We need a handful of artists to display one small piece of artwork for our PDXOS sampling at the Artist and Craftsman North store Parking Lot party July 22, noon – 5:00. Contact sam@portlandopenstudios.com before the end of May if you would like to put one small piece on the display grids. You would need to deliver your art to Sam’s house before the 22nd, and pick up there after the event, either at 5:00 or at Sam’s at a later date.

We need a couple of volunteers to promote PDXOS at the above event at Artist and Craftsman North store for one or two hour shifts. Greet people while Cindy Lommasson live paints and educate the public about PDXOS. Contact sam@portlandopenstudios.com before the end of May if you can help.

I’m in the process of sending out group emails for the volunteer/demo jobs that artists signed for at the first artist meeting. Please shoot me back a quick reply when you receive it, so I know it has been received and you have seen it. Thank you!

One of the best ways you can help is by promoting our organization and the tour:

  • Use #portlandopenstudios #pdxos #artistsatwork #theportlandway
  • Put links to PDXOS newsletters and blogs in your newsletters and social media
  • Like our FB page and tag us when you have events to share
  • Follow us and comment on IG and Follow other PDXOS artists.

Thanks for all your help! We couldn’t do it without you!