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Portland Open Studios is a not-for-profit public benefit corporation. We are able to put together this great event with fees from participating artists, sales of Tour Guides and the support and donations of sponsors.

The $2500 Education Sponsorship allows PDXOS to provide students throughout Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties (~60 high schools and ~10 colleges with art programs) access to a free version of our popular PDXOS mobile app. The sponsorship defrays the cost of developing the app, communicating to schools, and the potential revenue lost by giving away the app.

In exchange for their Sponsorship, the Sponsor receives a full page ad on an inside cover page, logo placement in the rear cover of the Tour Guide, on the rack card and any other promotional material printed for this year, on the website (with a link to the sponsor’s website), and logo placement in both versions of our mobile app (with a link to the sponsor’s website). Additionally the Education Sponsor can receive 20 Tour Guides to give away to employees, affiliates, or as part of a promotion.

tour guide cover

Visit our site to purchase an ad or become a sponsor: If you want your donation to support another program you can specify that in the Purpose field. For example, you might want to contribute to our scholarship fund or you might want to contribute to printing the tour guide. If you are curious about our operating costs or additional ways in which you can support Portland Open Studios, please contact

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