PDXOS Art Destination – Gamblin Artists Colors

If you’ve been watching, you’ve seen that this 20th year of Portland Open Studios has brought many changes and new ways to appreciate art here in Portland.  One of the most exciting for us is to designate an art destination at Gamblin Colors.

Gamblin is a world-class oil paint supply company home-grown in Portland, run for and by artists.  True to its Portland roots, Gamblin paints and solvents are known as kinder, gentler, less toxic versions of traditional oil paints.   Owner Robert Gamblin and his wife, Catherine Kumlin, are both painters with a shared studio in the Gamblin warehouse, located in the Sellwood neighborhood.

Visiting the Gamblin warehouse is amazing in itself– but as an art destination, visitors will also get to experience the Gamblins in their shared studio, and will see works and watch monotype demos from other employees.  The lineup:

Dave Bernard ‘A Passing Storm’

Dave Bernard will be exhibiting his landscape paintings inspired by his travel throughout the American West.





Robert Gamblin ‘Iceberg Rising’


Robert Gamblin draws from his 40 years of making color to creating insightful, mystical landscape paintings.



Catherine Kumlin ‘Amsterdam’


Catherine Kumlin will be displaying her ongoing series of expressive self-portraits.






Scott Gellatly ‘Wetland Sunrise’

Scott Gellatly will be exhibiting recent, color-filled plein air and studio paintings.




Mary Weisenburger ‘Summer’


Mary Weisenburger will feature her interest in geometric abstraction through oil paintings and monotypes.





Meet the crew and see how this green paint maker operates.  You’ll be glad you did.

Where:  Gamblin Colors, 2734 SE Raymond St, Portland, Oregon 97202.  (Community 2)

We're gearing up for the first internships with the 2017 Artists

As our Application for Artists is coming to a close, Portland Open Studios is happy to announce our internship program for 2017. 

We offer the internship program to high school juniors, seniors, and college students. Students are connected with member artists to get a valuable window into a working artist’s studio-life. Students who enrolled in the past have developed lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with our artists and have returned as visitors and volunteers later in their career.


We are expanding the internship program. This year it begins on May 1, 2017, and runs through October 31, 2017.

Internships start at 3 weeks, with students expected to work 4 hours per week, and can be extended for up to 6 months. Of course, we still offer the traditional internship during the tour.

This is an unpaid working internship. Students can expect to learn many aspects of being a working artist, from cleaning to creating their own projects or contributing to the artist’s work or aspects of business. 

All interns are encouraged to participate in October to assist the artist during the Tour dates, even if they have completed the requirements prior to the event.

More to look forward to.

Portland Open Studios is working to add a student/mentor show to the programming in the summer of 2017, which could give a few students the opportunity to show their work.  

Local area high school juniors, seniors, and college level students, are invited to APPLY NOW!

We invite students interested in this opportunity to apply at our website, www.portlandopenstudios.com/education  The application is open until April 1, 2017. The forms mentioned below are also available on the website.


  • The opportunity to work with an artist in the studio.
  • Potential to earn extra or academic credit.
  • Valuable work experience for college application and resume.
  • Professional review of the student’s work and/or assistance in establishing an art portfolio.
  • Opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation from their mentor.   


Students over 18 or Parents/ Guardians of students under 18 are required to read and sign our standard Waiver of Liability . 

Students, Teachers, and school administrators may use our Statement of Hours for the student to keep track of hours worked.   


Portland Open Studios creates a unique educational opportunity for the public to witness art in the making, and learn about media, materials and the business of creative endeavor.  Through this interaction, Portland Open Studios creates a platform for local artists to thrive, engage and foster a community that values the arts.  The Tour is composed of local artists selected by an independent jury panel.  

Portland Open Studios prints an annual Tour Guide for visitors to purchase, as well as mobile apps for Android and iPhone users, all of which contain the artists’ contact information and directions to their studios.  These juried artists throughout the metro area open their studios to the public during the second and third weekends of October to demonstrate their working life in their creative space.

We are really excited about our program this year and know you will be too.  If you have any questions, please contact me at education@portlandopenstudios.com

Loretta Breedlove

Education Chair

Portland Open Studios