Portland Open Studios to be Honored at City Hall March 4th

Celebrate local art on First Thursday, March 4th when Mayor Sam Adams will honor Portland Open Studios with a Proclamation and unveil the organization’s 10th Anniversary Purchase Prize gift to the City of Portland. The 10 x 10 Show (all art 10 inches or less, in all media) features artworks by over 80 artists in the 2009 Portland Open Studios tour.

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The event is free and open to the public. Artwork is for sale with 20% going to the Kimberly Gales Scholarship fund for young artists. Enjoy music, refreshments, and this rare opportunity to see an array of art by Portland Open Studios’ artists.

For a decade, local artists have created opportunities in experiential education by opening their doors to the curious public and sharing their working methods. Portland Open Studios is a unique and mutually beneficial exchange of excitement and learning about art.

Portland Open Studios is being recognized and honored by the City of Portland because of its commitment to provide art education to all members of our community, adults and children alike, and for its dedicated support of local working artists.

Visitors on the tour constantly encounter treasured and unique educational opportunities. For example in 2007, Justine Avera visited the studio of that year’s scholarship winner Jennifer Mercede with her family. Justine wrote later that Anne was so moved by the experience that when the family got home, she and her daughter painted together for hours, and that those paintings in turn became the basis of Justine’s new artwork.

Portland Open Studios has been a springboard for many of its artist’s careers.  It seeks to incorporate a wide variety of voices and media, thereby representing a cross-section of the visual arts in Portland.  It fosters growth of all participating artists through workshops and encourages emerging artists to participate by offering the Kimberly Gales Scholarship.  This scholarship is available to applicants between the ages of twenty and thirty, waives the tour’s membership fee, and pays a $100 stipend.  Recipients’ work is highlighted in the Tour Guide, providing exposure for the young artists.

In 2009, for the tenth year anniversary, an exciting mentorship program was introduced, connecting art students in the public high schools with participating artists. Over twenty artists on the tour mentored forty-five students, giving them an inside view of their studio and business practice.  These young apprentices may become the future creative capital of Portland.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors: Storyteller Wine Co, Full Sail Brewing Co, and Artemis Foods, Inc

Join us to celebrate a decade of accomplishments in the local Portland arts community on March 4th at a Portland City Hall ceremony and exhibition. Refreshments generously provided by Storyteller Wine, Full Sail Brewing Co, and Artemis Foods.  Music entertainment includes Jim Boydston, Daryl Davis, and Steve Remington of Manzanita.
All past, present and future Portland Open Studios‘ artists and supporters are encouraged to attend.

If you wish to RSVP or invite others, you can do so via Facebook

“Don’t Tell Fred” Teresa Sullivan’s piece is featured in Fiberarts Magazine.

Don't Tell Fred, Teresa Sullivan

By Susan Gallacher-Turner

Last year, when I visited with Teresa, she showed me a note found with a necklace she’d bought at an estate sale. It was a short handwritten note with more questions than answers. The mystery intrigued and inspired Teresa to make an art piece incorporating the note with the beads from the necklace along with other icons. The piece entitled, ‘Don’t Tell Fred’, is featured in the September/October issue of Fiberarts Magazine. You can pick up a copy at Powell’s and read more about the mystery surrounding this wonderful piece.

Read more about Teresa Sullivan and her beaded sculptural art here on our blog, http://portlandopenstudios.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/teresa-sullivan-sewing-seed-beads-into-superwomen/
You can buy a 2009 Tour Guide and visit her studio during the Portland Open Studios Tour in October.

Oregon Home Magazine features Two Artists’ Studios in Jan-Feb ’08 Issue

Oregon Home Magazine selected the studios of Portland Open Studios 2007 artists Pam Greene and Shelley Hershberger to feature in the “House Calls” section of the Jan-Feb ’08 issue. Pick up a copy of the magazine to learn how each artist built a studio to suit her own needs and budget; gain insights on the compromises and commitments each made in order to create a personal workspace that supports their art.


oregon home


oregon home oregon home 


More media coverage for Portland Open Studios

Although the 2007 Portland Open Studios weekends are now over, things have been happening and continue to happen for Portland Open Studios artists:

AM Northwest hosted Denise Sirchie and Bonnie Meltzer, go here to watch the video of Denise doing a demonstration.

The DIY PDX: Portland Open Studios article on LivePDX.com featured several artists and their work. Connie Whelan, Natalie Warrens, Babette Harvey, Ann Munson, Sarah Swink, and Miriam Badyrka were highlighted, and Lorna Nakell was shown working on one of her very large canvases.

The New York Time’s Sunday Magazine of Oct 21 included a column on the Print Gocco, The Cult of Gocco, that included interviews with Shu-Ju Wang, a long time Gocco enthusiast and veteran Portland Open Studios artist.

Local media highlight Portland Open Studios artists

Daniel Ng, Samyak Yamauchi, Ming Wei, and Shu-Ju Wang are highlighted in the October 2nd issue of The Asian Reporter. The article, titled Ateliers Unlocked, is available on-line here on The Asian Reporter’s web site.

Lisa Kaser, Linda Womack, and Gloria Kelman are highlighted in the October 4th issue of The Southeast Examiner. The article, titled Savor the Flavors of Art at Portland Open Studios, is available on-line here on The Southeast Examiner’s web site.

Chris Knight, Shu-Ju Wang, Don Griffith, and Heather Leklem are highlighted in the Oct 9th issue of Portland Tribune. The article, titled Art Happens Here, is available on-line here on the Portland Tribune’s web site.

Ann Munson is highlighted in the October 11th issue of The Oregonian in the NWHG special insert. The article, titled Mixed-media Menagerie, is available on-line here on The Oregonian’s web site. Don’t miss out on the wonderful photographs which are on 2 separate pages here and here. Other artists Tom Soule, David Kerr, Babette Harvey, Natalie Warrens, Shu-Ju Wang, Nancy Tongue, and Pam Greene were also mentioned as having either a garden or a studio of note.

And the October 13 issue of The Jewish Review highlights the works of Bonnie Meltzer, Hillary Barsky, Gloria Kelman, Allen Schmertzler, Debra Meadow, Susan Kuznitsky, Jane Levy Campbel and Kindra Crick.

To see each artist’s work or to purchase a tour guide, please visit the Portland Open Studios web site.

Linda Womack on AM Northwest

Portland Open Studios artist Linda Womack was featured the morning of October 1 on the Portland Oregon talk show AM Northwest. With only a few minutes for her segment, Linda demonstrated a very abbreviated form of encaustic painting with wax, dried plants and oil pastel. That’s tough to do in 5 minutes!

You can watch her wax collage segment online at http://www.katu.com/amnw/seenonamnw/10114296.html or learn more about this technique at http://www.lindawomack.com.

You can also drop by Linda’s studio to see a live demonstration of her wax paintings next weekend during Portland Open Studios! On October 13 & 14 she’ll be doing live demonstrations from 10am – 5pm at her studio in SE Portland.

Below, a snapshot of Linda’s segment on AM Northwest.

linda womack on am northwest