“Don’t Tell Fred” Teresa Sullivan’s piece is featured in Fiberarts Magazine.

Don't Tell Fred, Teresa Sullivan

By Susan Gallacher-Turner

Last year, when I visited with Teresa, she showed me a note found with a necklace she’d bought at an estate sale. It was a short handwritten note with more questions than answers. The mystery intrigued and inspired Teresa to make an art piece incorporating the note with the beads from the necklace along with other icons. The piece entitled, ‘Don’t Tell Fred’, is featured in the September/October issue of Fiberarts Magazine. You can pick up a copy at Powell’s and read more about the mystery surrounding this wonderful piece.

Read more about Teresa Sullivan and her beaded sculptural art here on our blog, http://portlandopenstudios.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/teresa-sullivan-sewing-seed-beads-into-superwomen/
You can buy a 2009 Tour Guide and visit her studio during the Portland Open Studios Tour in October.

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