Exciting changes to Portland Open Studios

Hey artists! Your Portland Open Studio Board has been hard at work this weekend in Manzanita while all of you brave the snow in Portland to bring you a new and improved tour for Open Studios 2017. Here are some of the highlights:
• The Call to Artists opens on January 15, and closes early on March 3 (to give us all more time to plan for the event). The application fee this year is $30 before February 26 and $40 after that date. We’re asking that everyone submit four photos this year, with one photo being an ‘at work’ photo.
• We have eliminated the volunteer hours requirement. Instead, the entry fee will be raised to $250. Each artist will have the opportunity to volunteer 4 hours for a refund of $50. You will notice that this is not as much as you would have paid last year if you opted out of volunteering. Just because we’ve eliminated this requirement, please don’t think that we won’t welcome your offer to volunteer. As most of you know, it’s a lot of fun, and giving of yourself makes you feel much more a part of the PDXOS family.
• The Tour Guide will be produced much earlier, by mid-June, and artists will not be required to sell advertising (though you are welcome to buy an ad, or send a prospective advertiser our way).
• We’re going to raise the number of artist meetings: three general artist meetings and a Community Leader meeting (formerly CAG). General artist meetings are mandatory for us to consider you a Participating Artist. Feedback from the survey also said we need to meet sooner so the first artist meeting will happen right after the artists are announced in April. The second meeting will be in mid-June to deliver the tour guides and provide an educational component for your benefit. The third meeting is in September to have a party to kick off the event and distribute the signs. After a very positive experience last year, our Community Leaders will continue to have their own meeting prior to the first General Artist meeting in April.
We are working hard to incorporate your feedback and strengthen our timeline to support your efforts. Thank you so much for your interest in this premier art event!

6 thoughts on “Exciting changes to Portland Open Studios

  1. Just got an email about taking part in 2017, but it doesn’t say what the Open Studio dates are. Clicked on the first link to read more here about changes – no dates. Clicked on the second link to read the blog post – no dates.
    Seems like the dates of the tour are of highest importance, something you want to embed in people’s minds. We shouldn’t have to search for it!

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