Friday the 13th

Here we are, the day before the tour starts. Our artists are making sure they’re ready for your visits!

Some last minute announcements: 

Oregon Society of Artists, one of our supporters this year hosting two artists: #42 – Farooq Hassan and #43 – Susan Kuznitsky. Additional artist studios in the building are welcoming visitors – see their ad on page 37 of the 2017 Guide to Local Artists.

The Terwilliger bridge will be closed Oct 14-15  making it difficult to find #15 Leslie Lee and #16 Dennis Meiners during Portland Open Studios. 

Here’s the quickest re-route off I-5 South: Take the Terwilliger exit – stay in the left lane and turn left onto Barbur Boulevard. Turn left on 19th St. by Safeway, turn left on  Spring Garden Road, left onto Taylor’s Ferry, cross Terwilliger, turn left on 4th, or 3rd  or 2nd Ave. to 8225 SW 3rd Ave.  It’s a quick detour REALLY 

Also, Multnomah Blvd will take you to the east end of the bridge via the Terwilliger exit off I-5 N.

Have a great tour and drive safe!

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