Interview of Carrie Moore, an artist of many mediums

Carrie Moore is an artist of many talents.  While at her studio, you will see pastel paintings, leather embossing, metalwork, linocut printmaking, even leather projects in the works.  Carrie doesn’t like to stick to just one medium.  “My brain is all over the place,” she says.  But all her works do have common elements.  “They are all reductive,” says Carrie.  In each of these arts, something is carved away, erased, or reduced in form.

Throughout the day, Carrie will demonstrate many of these different reductive processes.  You may see her begin, perhaps even finish, a reductive pastel drawing.  First she lays in color with the pastel stick, using local colors of objects and complements.  Then she smears the color, filling the tooth of the paper.  Next begins the reductive process; she wipes some of the smeared color off, returning the paper to that touch of color that first hits the paper tooth.  She uses rags, erasers, and other tools to make different marks, sometimes digging back to the clean paper layer.  Adding and subtracting steps can repeat and overlap.  Decorative and accent marks can be made on top.  The result is a pastel piece with a complex surface history and many interrelated colors.

Carrie’s studio is an open teaching space, which artists, musicians, even poets can rent for their workshops of up to 18 students.  It is set in the beautiful countryside south of Oregon City, high up on a knoll with a pastoral 360 degree vista.  Looking at nature, really looking, has been a great inspiration to Carrie, now that she is giving one hundred percent of her attention to her art. Let her studio inspire you, too.  Take care coming up the winding drive, and come on in!