Introducing Artist No. 23 – Rob Sanford

Rob Sanford comes from an artistic background. His Mother was an artist and musician. He entered his first art contest in second grade. “I was hooked after that.” He earned a degree in industrial design and worked as an Engineer, but has always painted.

Rob works in acrylic on canvas. Right now he’s focusing on wildlife art, but he has also won many awards in the science fiction/comic book industry. He is inspired by wildlife and landscape artists Jay Moore, Carl Rungius and Robert Bateman.

While Rob sees the art world changing from digitization and computer generation, he feels that even though the tools change, the inspiration remains.


He will be demonstrating his process during the fall PDXOS tour. Before he begins a project he takes photos and sketches ideas, then begins the piece. Before he considers the painting complete, though, he takes advice he has been given and lets the painting rest for a while. His goal is to become better with each new painting.

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