Introducing Artist No. 24 – Kitty Wallis

Among other things, Kitty Wallis is a great artist, one of the original artists in Portland Open Studios, and the inventor of Wallis Special Archival Pastel Paper.

Art background: Kitty attended Cooper Union Art School in New York City. Her greatest inspiration is Monet, and she had the privilege of working for months at Giverny in Monet’s Garden.  “I couldn’t ask for a better start.” She considers herself an impressionist.

Her process: Using her photos and plein air pieces as references, she begins the composition using faint charcoal dots and dashes.  “With a large brush and wet pigment I find the light and the masses: an underpainting.  With my pastel sticks I find the life, color and light.”

Memorable responses to her work:  “Smiles, tears, sales, awards, acceptance into San Francisco Art Museum.”

What role does the artist have in society: “Since we are accustomed to find our truth in our work we can be relied on to tell you the truth as we know it.”

The Muse visits during the act of creation, not before.  Don’t wait for her. Start alone.…Roger Ebert

Current work:  Kitty is currently working on a set of paintings of moving water.  “Water is such a beautiful and challenging subject! Especially in a dry medium, as pastel is.”

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