Introducing Artist No. 3 – Ann Munson

Visual Complexity. Compositional Clarity. Four words which drive PDXOS artist Ann Munson’s artistic pursuit. She says she is “oriented to clarity of composition, clean straightforward shapes and accurate placement. I am smitten with deep, lustrous, layered color. I strive for a push/pull of flat hand-made textures and the depth of rich, layered color. I have been told that my paintings reflect a sense of calm optimism. They are quiet, affirming and interesting. My images describe an experience or location that is physically identifiable; my intent is connection to an inner contemplative place.”

Ann has a BS in Art Education from the University of Oregon and taught art for several years. Her work has been placed in many hospitals and health centers in Southern California, and she considers it a privilege to make images that will soothe, pass the time, or comfort people who are stressed.

Her artistic process is fascinating. “My work is in three parts, all fun. First I carve stamps, cut up rubber combs and mix paint. Then I make my own papers. It’s pretty much finger painting for grownups. I cover the entire floor of the greenhouse with colored patterned sheets. Next I draw, tear paper and glue shapes onto canvas. It looks like a quilt at this stage. Finally I use transparent acrylics to add dimension, light, form, and air. I’m drawn to a push pull of flat shapes and interesting textures vs. subtle color and atmosphere.

I have always loved to draw, translating the things that most capture my attention with line, shape and plane. My current medium, paste paper collage, exploits those elements and more. I love the craft element of making my own combs for particular patterns and mixing my own palette of color. I comb textures into layers of paint utilizing multiple combs and often use multiple colors for additional variation. When I have built a sufficient palette, I indulge in line drawing on canvas, followed by tearing and gluing papers into place. I then layer transparent acrylic to form a complete painting.

Do yourself a favor and visit Ann’s studio during the upcoming Tour.

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