Introducing Artist No. 31 – Anji Grainger

Anji Grainger is currently working on a body of work exploring the world of raindrops. The series is called Pacific Northwest Raindrops.

“If we look closely, there are many wonders to see inside a raindrop – its own little world so to speak – but actually it is  refraction of what is around us.  In this painting series my goal is to give the viewer a look into the tiny world of raindrops and to create a feeling of magic and mystery.  The challenges I face are accomplishing the combination of the exactness of a raindrop with the blurred and distorted effects that happen in the refraction process of a round and clear sphere.  With watercolor as a fluid medium, it was very difficult to get sharp clear lines so it took many hours of working slowly to achieve my goals.

“My work derives its inspiration from the magic and wonders of nature.  I paint with the movement of nature and visualize the growing twists and turns of a twig or a leaf.  I try to capture the stillness of an early morning walk in a field, along a river or in a forest.  I also focus on detail whether it’s simply the blending or bleeding of two colors like one would see on a ripening peach or the finite lines and edges of a raindrop. My current explorations are in the discovery of how elements of nature and texture react in watercolor to leave beautiful patterns and surprises in unique patterns on the paper.”

Four years ago Anji quit her day job and began a full time career as an artist and instructor. “It was a leap of faith and has taken many hours of hard work. This last year I made it past the earnings mark and had a great year supporting myself solely as a working single artist.”

To see her beautiful paintings, and visit with her about her art and her process, stop by her studio during the Portland Open Studios tour this fall.

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