Introducing Artist No. 37 – Quire

Leah Hugon, artistically known as Quire, is Artist No. 37. She has been creating art since she was a small child. “As an adult I tried and failed at a lot of different professions until I settled on the pure fact that art is the thing I do because an artist is what I am. I can’t really do anything else and also be a happy person.
“I make work that deals with our shared human experience. This is what I am interested in talking about, this discussion of who we truly are as individuals and as a society. I once made a piece with a man in a boat with his dogs out of my interest in who he could possibly be. It ended up selling to two women, a sister and a wife of a man who was a marine biologist and went out in boat with his dogs frequently. The man was terminally ill and the two women were buying it as a going away present for him. I still tear at the thought that my intuitive curiosity led me to create such a personal and meaningful piece for that family.”

She tells us that her latest series is about her experience trying to fit into professional and cultural definitions that didn’t work and that inhibited her growth as an individual. “I feel this is a common human experience, trying out a role to see if it fits, becoming uncomfortable, and then realizing it’s not for you. It’s one way to figure out who we actually are. To communicate this experience I will photograph individuals in poses struggling to get out of a box space defined by ropes. I’m planning on using the photographs as source images for this series.
For the tour I will have work examples in several stages of progress so visitors can get a sense of how my pieces evolve and become. I will also have a box made out of ropes that visitors can pose inside for possible used as source images for some of the pieces in my new series.”

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