Introducing Artist No. 4 – Cindy Sullivan

Cindy Sullivan is a passionate folk artist, who relishes inspiring childhood memories in others. A mother, wife, nurturer and creative soul who connects with the world through painting, mosaics, music and laughter. “Art for me is an internal expression that desires to communicate through form and color. Being a quiet, reflective person I am inspired to use materials to convey a part of my inner nature.

“I’m compelled to create art to express a time period that I mourn. Life or how I recall it in the 60’s and 70’s was warm and dreamy. The pace was slower. Technology was not pervasive. Music was a wonderful reflection of that time period. I paint images of times past because it holds a romantic and nostalgic comfort for me now that time is anything but slow.

In 2014 Cindy was creating mostly mosaics and had only painted a little in black and white. “I was drawn to an old photo of my husband’s Aunts. Joanne and Ginny are two of the most spirited, fun and loving members of a large Irish clan. An old photo of them taken in the mid-70’s captured my imagination and I felt an inner compulsion to paint it. I never considered myself a painter but, decided to try it and was so pleased and surprised by the outcome that I painted several other works also inspired by old photos of family members.”

She loves the honesty, simplicity and innocent charm of Folk and Naïve art. “Many folk artists are self-taught like me which brings an almost childish naive nature to it. I love children’s art because it’s so sweet and unfiltered.”

Cindy had what she considers a pivotal experience in 2015. “I entered my very first juried show in 2015. It was held at the Oregon Society of Artists as a Rose Festival sanctioned event. I meekly entered feeling really out of my comfort zone and was pleasantly surprised when I received a call telling me that I had been juried in.

“The woman that called me said that the juror wanted to know all about me as he was really taken with my piece. I was shocked and elated. I won an Honorable Mention Ribbon and some wonderful prizes, but the most amazing part was that the juror pulled me aside after the show and praised my piece. He validated me as a folk artist and gave me wonderful encouragement which has made all the difference in my world.”

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