Introducing Artist No. 5 – Ben Dye

Ben Dye’s sculpture The Heron at Fields Bridge Park in West Linn is a great example of the community embracing a sculpture. “They embellish it throughout the year with seasonal themes.” This is important to Ben. “We spend our lives filling our personal spaces with art to enhance the living experience; public art is a way for the community to express those feelings on a greater level. As a member of the local community, I would like my work to inspire others to explore the arts on a more personal level.”

“As a youngster, I loved clay, but never pushed it to any level of competency. The art comes from building things I like.” His artistic career started with needing a hand rail for a property he owned. “With basic welding skills, I built the hand rail; it turned out good and got a few people asking for similar work.

[Art] has become what I do when I wake up and what I am always trying to get back to if forced to do anything else.

With over 25 years in the commercial diving industry, he brings an extensive knowledge of welding and mechanical design to his complex, multi layered projects and uses recycled metals as base material. “99% of the skills I have collected come from the 25 years I was a commercial diver. I seek out colored tanks or cars and maintain the original finish throughout the process.

“For the last 6 years, my focus has been gallery shows and exposure through large-scale public works.” He is currently in the final stages of a large installation [Two 22’ tall structures] for the City of Tigard.


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