Introducing Artist No. 52 – Janie Lowe

Janie Lowe’s background in art came from her family, specifically her ‘Momo”, her grandmother, who was an art teacher with a passion for art and antiques. She studied illustration at Texas Tech University and then received a Masters of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York. After freelancing as an illustrator for publications such as The New York Times and Random House Books, she moved to Portland.

After a 10 year hiatus from her personal work, during which time she co-founded YOLO Colorhouse, an eco-friendly, architectural paint company with curated color palettes, Janie is back in her studio, and painting again. She is inspired by what brought her to the West – the mountains and the coast.

“I am currently working on landscapes, or dreamscapes, that begin with a place and go into obscurity. I am trying to edit out non essentials in the landscape while giving enough information that the viewer can make up their own story or maybe a nostalgic reminder of something from his or her past.

“As one might imagine, spending days in the studio can be pretty lonely. I’m trying to engage with people and pass my knowledge along by offering painting workshops in my studio. Being a part of Portland Open Studios will also help me widen my circle and meet people who support and are interested in art.

“30 years of painting my journey continues and I learn something new every day. The thing that keeps me coming back to this path is the pure joy of painting.”

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