Introducing Artist No. 76 – Shannon Carlson

Like many artists, Shannon Carlson spent much of her childhood drawing from imagination. “I guess you could say I was always trying to draw my daydreams. Best case, I still do.”

Shannon is a process oriented painter. “The biggest change to my creative process happened when I became comfortable with my own voice, trusted my intuition and came to value where my process is taking me. I’m still on the way to where I’m going as a painter, so, with any luck, my creative process will keep changing and my work will change too.”

I found Shannon’s response to my question about reactions to her work unusual and interesting. “Because my work can have some themes of environmentalism, I occasionally get someone who wants to challenge the meaning of my work, but I welcome any discussions. I enjoy talking to people.”

Best advice:

“Embrace failure as an artist. I still try to remember to let myself fail spectacularly!”

Shannon has some great fun in store for you if you visit her studio this October. “I’m hoping I can get our visitors to pick up a paintbrush and take part in making their own marks on my work. I have always loved collaborative art and responding to the ideas of others. This will, hopefully, make the stop more memorable for visitors and give me a start on my next painting.”

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