Introducing Artist No. 8 – Dennis Anderson

Dennis Anderson is rooted in the “method”of genre painting, a category of painting in which domestic scenes or banal incidents seem familiar.  I find the Portland area, with its people and places, a great resource for my interests in painting. My greatest influences in painting have come from Lorser Feitelson and Richard Diebenkorn.”

I love Dennis Anderson’s explanation of how he gets his inspiration. “My desire is to elevate the activities of daily life, those mundane scenes where the moment becomes the subject. I like the balancing of what is familiar with the thought of what was seen. Whenever I venture out into the Portland area, I take random pictures and make selections from this data. What I’m searching for in a particular scene is a feeling, some sense of place, or maybe it’s just happening upon the way sunlight defines and creates shadows. But, my paintings are not recordings. The figures and elements can be ambiguous and remote like props on a stage. Often I’m interested in the way people interact with or detach themselves from one another.

“I consider my painting successful when the viewer can pause, and maybe reflect on the narrative of their own experience.”

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