Introducing Lulu Moonwood-Murakami, Artist No. 100

This is Lulu’s first year on the tour, and we’re really glad she’s here. Here’s a little bit about her in her own words.

“Since childhood I have always had romantic notions about being an artist, and used to squirrel myself away in a small room upstairs in our home writing and illustrating stories. I taught myself how to make dolls when I was a teenager, and saw them as an extension or a “coming to life” of the characters from my stories. I aspired to become a writer, but when a high school teacher looked at my work and suggested I pursue art in college. I haphazardly answered, “Ok!” It was a bumpy ride at first as I lacked drawing skills (according to one of my profs!), but I persevered and had the good fortune to fall into textile arts. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon, and continue to explore arts education through workshops.

“I am interested in the ways we humans have communicated over the centuries, not only through language, but also through the visual cues, colors, and symbols that we choose as an expression of our selves. I see these communications in clothing, art and architecture, and the way we use found objects. By borrowing, adapting, and creating new symbols, my own ability to communicate the unspoken evolves.

“I make art because creativity is in my blood and bones; making things is who I am. It is my language, my mode of expression. I feel unwell if I go for any amount of time without making art. “

She is currently working on two series of abstract art quilts. One series is about color as a metaphor for place. The other series is an interpretation of music composed by various African composers and performed by the Kronos Quartet.

“I have an amazing studio space that I am eager to share with visitors. I plan on showing the variety of work that I do, from my art quilts and whimsical art dolls, to my mixed media paintings. I will have projects in various stages of production so that visitors can learn about my process.”

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