Jennifer Mercede at Launch Pad Gallery

Launch Pad Gallery presents:

new ultra active urban paintings by
Jennifer Mercede

May 4 – May 29, 2007
Launch Pad Gallery
534 SE Oak, Portland, Oregon

Outpour is an apt title for the collection of bold, vibrant, stream of consciousness mixed media panels that Jennifer Mercede creates under the guidance of Little Jenni LaLa (Jennifer’s intuitive inner genius).

She freely mixes rose pink, lime green, sky blue, and is not inhibited about gouging into the wood panels with pens to create drawings and incise lines of text, text that sometimes shouts, and sometimes whispers. While the drawings are loose and gestural, Jennifer also shows off her drawing chops in a few well crafted faces in one of the panels. Titles like I copyright my R’s and This Pencil give a sense of the playful and spontaneous nature of her work.

Standing in front of these panels gives one a sense of soaring over the cityscape, here a newly seeded lawn, there a rose garden, a forest park, a high-rise apartment. Each vista is full of life, and we’ve been given the privilege to eavesdrop on the collective chatter.

Below, Anything Goes, mixed media on panel, by Mercede.

Anything Goes

Jennifer Mercede has recently settled in Portland after traveling the country and is now a working artist who’s fully engaged with the community. She shows her work in many alternative spaces and teaches art at after-school classes at Buckman; she also co-founded and participates in a women’s art marketing group. She is one of two Portland Open Studios Scholarship winners for 2007.

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Below, Jennifer Mercede with It’s Not What It’s Not About.

Jennifer Mercede with It’s Not What It’s Not About

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