Jennifer Mercede's Amazing Weekend

Please allow me a moment to share with you what it was like to have you in my home, in my artist studio.

It was like all the energy I have put into my paintings was radiating from the art, into the air, into your viewing eyes.

You then, in turn, were absorbing the essence of my artistic expression—my love, my soul, my feelings, good and bad…humanity, you know?

You absorbed it…and you emitted it! 

So then it was all bouncing around the room…energetically…from painting to painting, painting to person, person to person.

And hopefully you walked out of my home with a smile on.

I know I concluded the weekend as such. I feel that through being a part of this event, I gained inspiration and a deep confidence in my value as an artist. Through sharing, and through conversations with viewers and other artists about art and process, I feel supported and propelled to continue creating.


I was pleased to hear that many of you were inspired by my art and that my art makes you HAPPY 🙂

I dig that, that’s good.

Thank you for taking time to come by my studio…sharing with me your positivity, your smiles and your radiance.

In addition, I feel honored to have been a part of Portland Open Studios, the organization responsible for not only accepting me into the event, but acknowledging my art with a scholarship. I appreciate all the time and energy the board members, as well as all the other participating artists put in to making this event a success—the promotion, the organization, tour guide sales…etc. 

Thank you, sincerely, for helping me create one of my greatest days. Hope that you are all following your truest true and that I see you again real soon!


–Jennifer Mercede

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