Kelly Williams wins 2010 RACC Project Grant

“Recovery Panes” by Kelly Williams is a multi-phase community project involving those who have been impacted by addiction. Participants will create a small encaustic painting representative of their personal experience, strength and hope. The complex elements of encaustic wax will uniquely allow a symbolic and cathartic exploration of their experiences. Participants will also share a short, written response to the process to be paired with their painting.

All individual paintings will be joined to form larger works, framed and presented to resemble large windows with each painting representing a single window pane. All participants, whether artists or viewers, will have the opportunity to gaze into these powerful windows and see not just an individual’s experience, but a whole community of shared experiences, strengths, and hopes uniting us in our recovery journey.

Both the ‘Recovery Panes’ and an accompanying journal will be shown at multiple venues in late 2010.

To learn more about Kelly’s work, see her website at

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