"Light Comes Down From the Sky"

from Stanley Peterson

Whew! Just wrote the big check to the roofing company. They put in 2 skylights on my studio roof last week. Now the place looks like a ”Gallery” ready for PDX Open Studios. I just like to go out there now and see how all my sculptures look with the ambient light filtering down through the clouds. On clear days the shadows are really intense but those days are less frequent than our shades of bluish grey.

I’m reminded of my all time favorite Museum, the Metropolitan in NYC. Seeing those wonderful collections standing on pedestals with very high ceilings which are capped with huge filtered skylights. The Rockefeller Wing, in particular, was remodeled a few years ago to accommodate the tall standing wood poles carved in New Guinea. Some are over 30 feet and depict male and female figures with alligators, birds, fish, etc. They are spirits of the afterlife and reach up into the skylights of uptown Manhattan.

My wood sculptures remain intimate and mostly a scale which can be handheld. However they look bigger and more transformative now under my new skylights in NE Portland. Come check them out during the 2013 Portland Open Studio tour. I’ll be carving while we chat and the airfare is complimentary.