Local media highlight Portland Open Studios artists

Daniel Ng, Samyak Yamauchi, Ming Wei, and Shu-Ju Wang are highlighted in the October 2nd issue of The Asian Reporter. The article, titled Ateliers Unlocked, is available on-line here on The Asian Reporter’s web site.

Lisa Kaser, Linda Womack, and Gloria Kelman are highlighted in the October 4th issue of The Southeast Examiner. The article, titled Savor the Flavors of Art at Portland Open Studios, is available on-line here on The Southeast Examiner’s web site.

Chris Knight, Shu-Ju Wang, Don Griffith, and Heather Leklem are highlighted in the Oct 9th issue of Portland Tribune. The article, titled Art Happens Here, is available on-line here on the Portland Tribune’s web site.

Ann Munson is highlighted in the October 11th issue of The Oregonian in the NWHG special insert. The article, titled Mixed-media Menagerie, is available on-line here on The Oregonian’s web site. Don’t miss out on the wonderful photographs which are on 2 separate pages here and here. Other artists Tom Soule, David Kerr, Babette Harvey, Natalie Warrens, Shu-Ju Wang, Nancy Tongue, and Pam Greene were also mentioned as having either a garden or a studio of note.

And the October 13 issue of The Jewish Review highlights the works of Bonnie Meltzer, Hillary Barsky, Gloria Kelman, Allen Schmertzler, Debra Meadow, Susan Kuznitsky, Jane Levy Campbel and Kindra Crick.

To see each artist’s work or to purchase a tour guide, please visit the Portland Open Studios web site.

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