More media coverage for Portland Open Studios

Although the 2007 Portland Open Studios weekends are now over, things have been happening and continue to happen for Portland Open Studios artists:

AM Northwest hosted Denise Sirchie and Bonnie Meltzer, go here to watch the video of Denise doing a demonstration.

The DIY PDX: Portland Open Studios article on featured several artists and their work. Connie Whelan, Natalie Warrens, Babette Harvey, Ann Munson, Sarah Swink, and Miriam Badyrka were highlighted, and Lorna Nakell was shown working on one of her very large canvases.

The New York Time’s Sunday Magazine of Oct 21 included a column on the Print Gocco, The Cult of Gocco, that included interviews with Shu-Ju Wang, a long time Gocco enthusiast and veteran Portland Open Studios artist.

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