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President's Corner

President's Corner

Meet the PDXOS Community Leaders

You may or may not know that Portland Open Studios is run on volunteer grit. Our small budget goes primarily for advertising and creating our tour guide, while the significant project and event planning is done gratis by our board members and volunteer community leaders.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce an expansion of the community leaders program this year! Community leaders are artists that have gone through one or more years of Portland Open Studios. They agree to lead and guide their communities of artists (this year, there are eight communities). They’ve been key in advising new artists on what to expect and planning group advertising and social opportunities within their communities.

Previously, community leaders were selected and informed in April after jurying into the event, and served until October. This year, we selected eight experienced, proven artists and community leaders in January to work with their communities year round. This is a permanent position, so communities, and the leaders, will have continuity from year to year. Artists, you may have heard from your community leaders as early as January, when they helped to recruit new artists. And the general public – look out! You’ll be meeting more of our artists throughout the year, and learning more about what we do at Portland Open Studios all year.

I am delighted to introduce this all-star team to you


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