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Annamieka Davidson recently sent us a report on her intern, Sidney Oster, and we wanted to share it with you all.  It’s so exciting to hear from our artists about how they are doing with their interns.”

“I met with my PDXOS intern Sidney Oster (and her dad Mike) today for the first time at my studio We discussed her career goals and interests, her experiences at various art camps, and her art interests in sculpture and ceramics. She showed me examples of her work. We talked about what inspires her work.

“I gave her an assignment to come up with a place that she likes to visit for her creative inspiration – she suggested the metal scrapyard. I suggested that she visit the scrap yard, pay attention to what inspires her while she is there, and then make a reflection of that via writing, recording, video, sculpture, or any creative medium she wants. She will show me that at our next meeting.

“As for our work in the studio together, we discussed the upcoming Portland Open Studios tour and several projects related to that, trying to find something that she was interested in doing, with an emphasis on hands-on work. There are many projects going on in my studio in preparation for the October event. The project that we chose for her to work on felt like the best fit given her experience and interest. She will be learning how to make archival art prints with my large-format printer. We will work on this together over the next two months as we prepare for open studios in October.”

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