Nikki Dilbeck on her first Portland Open Studios experience

“The weekend was a success…exhilarating and exhausting! I had a great time meeting people and talking about my art—never have I stood and talked continuously for so many hours at once. Lots of good feedback and validation for the work I’ve been doing and direction my art is taking.

I was initially concerned about ‘so many strangers’ coming through the house, but logistically it worked just fine. Because my buddies and family were helping at the front of the house, I could concentrate on talking with people back in my studio. Otherwise, I couldn’t have done it.

The main advice I’d give new applicants is that if their studio is in their house, to give some thought to traffic flow, security issues, etc., before making the Portland Open Studios commitment.”

beneath the surface #3

Above, Beneath the Surface #3, by Nikki Dilbeck.

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