Pacific Northwest Sculptors at Gottlieb Gallery

Gottlieb Gallery presents:

Pacific Northwest Sculptors
Featuring sculptural works by Pacific Northwest Sculptors Association members, in glass, stone, metal, clay and other materials, including works by Bonnie Meltzer and Sara Swink

November 1-30, 2007
Gottlieb Gallery
220 SW Yamhill
Portland, OR

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 1, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.


The Pacific Northwest Sculptors juried exhibition at Gottlieb Gallery in downtown Portland will include work by Portland Open Studios artists Bonnie Meltzer and Sara Swink. Each of these sculptors has a unique sculptural vision.

Bonnie Meltzer calls her work 2.5 dimensional because although it is sculptural in its rich surfaces of found objects they are usually added to flat substrates rather than being sculpture in the round. “Recording Memory”, rising seven feet high with its fringed usb cord sleeves is reminiscent of Southwest Native American costume or figures. Originally made for an exhibition with a totem theme, Meltzer’s initial idea was to use floppy disks as quilt blocks, further connecting the textile connection. Pencils, crayons, hard drives and other writing tools embellish the work and are icons of how we store memories and retrieve them.

Sara Swink’s ceramic sculpture called “Imperfect Offering” addresses compassion for oneself. No matter how imperfect one feels there is still something to offer. “I can’t wait until I get perfect to make my offering.” The figure is hand built with slips, oxides, under glazes and glazes for coloring.

Numbering over 100 members, Pacific Northwest Sculptors is a volunteer driven 501(c) (3) organization comprised of sculptors and persons in associated fields who live and work in the Northwest. Its purpose is to foster the art of sculpture by increasing public awareness of the issues and techniques that surround sculpture and to facilitate communication between member sculptors. PNS sponsors seminars, studio tours, workshops, lectures and art events that are open to the public.


Above, Recording Memory, by Bonnie Meltzer. Below, Imperfect Offering, by Sara Swink.

imperfect offering

For more information about Pacific Northwest Sculptors, Gottlieb Gallery, Bonnie Meltzer, and Sara Swink, see these following links:

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