Portland's Community Supported Art

As Portlanders, most of us are familiar with the acronym “CSA.” It usually stands for Community Supported Agriculture. However, there is a new CSA in town – “Community Supported Art”.

Portland Open Studios has designed a new program, PDX-CSA, similar to the more well-known CSA. In its first season, PDX-CSA offers three options for art collectors: Mixed Media, Figurative, and Ceramics. Considering project summaries and example works the artists have produced in the past; the collector pays $235–$300(depending on the collection); and receives later, upon completion, three pieces of art, one from each artist in the collection.
Providing funding in advance for artists to create new work supports the artists’ unique visions while allowing the buyers to follow the artists’ progress and enrich their understanding of how the art is made.

The focus of this exciting venture is to provide advance funding for artists to create new work and allow buyers to follow the progress and enrich their understanding of how the art is made. And all the work will be new, with each artist making no more than 20 pieces.

The collections are on sale for only a short window: May 8 – May 15 (unless they sell out). There will be an opening party on May 7 for artists and potential collectors at Ford Food + Drink, 5:30-7:30pm.

Learn about the 9 artists and other details at the PDX-CSA website.