"Re-Prepping for Portland Open Studios"

from Robert Fortney

I was incredibly proud of myself for setting up the backyard tent and connecting it to my studio weeks before the October 12th start of Portland Open Studios…


I woke up that Saturday morning to discover a huge chunk of our neighbor’s tree had fallen on the tent, crushing a few poles, and tearing a good-sized hole in the fabric. Fearing more damage, I was forced to completely remove the canopy, which ended up being the right decision as the worst of the wind was still to come. I spent the bulk of that weekend chasing pieces of my home and studio across the neighboring yards. The gusts became so strong I had to tether awnings, poles – even chairs to the ground…

When all was said and done, I was left with a big mess.

So with less than a week until the PDXOS opening, it was time for fixing, patching, and re-prep. And to decide what to pieces to display, and what to keep under wraps until the opening of my solo gallery exhibition on November 7th.

There’s still so much to do, but the tent is going to work out wonderfully. I’ll have more than enough space for viewing, food, kids, conversation, and work areas. My hope is that some visitors will want to grab a piece of art paper and make something themselves.

I’ve outfitted the tent with enough heaters to keep it warm and dry, no matter the weather. Cords, covers, and general aesthetics will all get worked out before Saturday, making the scene below much more presentable.

I am looking forward to the start of Portland Open Studios on Saturday, October 12!