The Tour

Our 2018 Tour Will be October 13-14 and 20-21, 2018 10 am – 5 pm each day.


Over 100 artists welcome the public during the tour dates.

Nearly 100 locations participating around the Portland Metro area. Some locations will have multiple artists participating. 

This is a self-guided tour.

Studios are open from 10 - 5 each day. Anyone can visit the artists during the tour dates and times. It’s a great way to spend a day with your favorite art lovers – family, friends, classmates, students, other artists, or go solo. 

Look for our yellow signs designating each artist with a number in their community.


Why take the tour?

The tour is an experience unlike any gallery or museum. Looking at finished artwork (especially online or in a museum/gallery) it’s easy to think that art is magic. Remarkable art can seem to have appeared finished and never looked any other way than it does and as though no person made it. Portland Open Studios seeks to pull back the curtain, showing you the person, exposing the process. Artwork is remarkable because it was made by an interesting, fallible person who has a creative experience with their media and tools to make something from nothing.  Yes, art is magic, but it's the everyday kind and all of of us can learn to cast the spell!

Support our local artists!

All of the artists have paid for this opportunity to meet you. Ask questions and feel free to engage artists in conversations about their work, process, and journey.  Expect that the artist is selling artwork and that they would love to find new collectors.  You should not feel pressured or obligated to buy anything from the artists.

Portland Open Studios does not take any commission from the artist’s sales. Each artist represents their own business and may accept cash, checks, credit cards, payment plans, or other negotiable terms. All artwork is priced by each artist, and sales are solely the responsibility of the artist.