Two Portland Open Studios Artists work goes to Japan.

Barbed Bird Carole Zoom
Barbed Bird by Carole Zoom

Carole Zoom’s wood block prints and Andy Paiko’s blown glass vases were among the gifts taken by Mayor Sam Adams on his Goodwill Trade Tour of Japan.

When city staffers visited Carole Zoom’s studio during Portland Open Studios tour in October, they saw a connection between Carole’s prints and Japan’s long history of wood-block printing. The City chose five of Carole’s wood-block prints depicting Oregon flora and fauna.

Visiting Andy Paiko’s studio, the city staffers watched him work and selected his blown glass vases and orbs to make the trip to Japan. The Goodwill Trade Tour, October 30-November 6 included a stop in our ‘sister’ city of Sapporo.

Bottles by Andy Paiko

You can watch videos of Carole and Andy talking about their work selected to go to Japan, just click on Mayor Sam Adam’s video the video link

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