Visit Stan Peterson's studio this year and adopt a rescue dog!!

Stan Peterson,  Artist #73, creates his art in wood.  You can visit his gallery on line by going to his website,  Today he shares with us some of his technique, and what he does with the “leftover” wood.
By Stan Peterson

The bandsaw is the only power tool I use in my wood studio. I prefer working with hand tools and the slow process of carving. I use basswood from the lumberyard which comes in long, clear boards. I draw the outlines of a proposed sculpture and then saw out the carving blank with both Japanese pull saws and a small bandsaw.

There are a lot of left over cut off pieces from this roughing out process.
I’ve always kept a box of these cut offs under the bandsaw and am constantly intrigued by their irregular shapes. Recently I have started a new series in the studio called RESCUE DOGS.

I piece the selected scraps together using gorilla glue until a dog like form appears. It is a process of rescuing the potential of what is left behind or discarded.
Everybody likes a friendly dog but only a few will actually give one a home. For Portland Open Studios this year, I’m carving a bunch of wood dogs which have been rescued from the bandsaw and looking for new owners and companions.