Want to feel inspired? Take a class!

I have been making beaded jewelry for ten years and I love using glass beads. I’ve bought Carli Schultz’s creations many times and so was thrilled when I learned she was teaching bead making at Aquila Glass School. What an opportunity to learn from my favorite glass artist!

See more of her work at http://www.juiceglass.com/
Carli will be opening her studio for Portland Open Studios this fall. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you stop by to see her work.
The class was very hands-on and Carli started at the beginning, with how to turn on the gas. I was a little afraid to do this, because I had a little “incident” with gas when I was 18, but it’s really easy – you just have to learn the rules. She spent a lot of time on safety issues in general, like wearing the goggles, which I really appreciated.
Carli gave us just the right amount of teaching, then left the rest of the time for hands on bead making, with her giving hints and reinforcing the basics. She started by teaching us exactly how to make a bead, and spent time with each of us to make sure we got it right. Half way through the class, Carli did another demonstration and showed us several techniques for embellishing the beads with glass made into dots and stringers.

Aquila is a great place to learn about both fusing glass and torch working. Check out their website at http://www.aquilaglassschool.com/ . One of the great things about taking a class at Aquila is that once you have taken a class you are welcome back there any time to use the studio. They will also cool your beads down and fire them for you.