Weekend Creative Process Workshop

An invitation from PDXOS artist Sara Swink

Swink Sitka

July 27 & 28 on the beautiful Oregon coast

If you’re a beginner or an established artist or anywhere in between AND you’d like to join me and a small group of people in a guided yet very individual creative journey that is easy, fun and potentially fruitful…then consider giving yourself these two days of dedicated exploration.

Maybe you
—are a beginner or just feel like one
—need to recharge and refresh, creatively
—are ready for a new body of work
—are in a life transition
—want to try clay in a non-threatening environment
—are looking for inspiration

Join me for two days of guided exercises in hands-on collage, mark making and clay play while attending to your creative goals. July 27 & 28, 10 am to 4 pm at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. $205 including materials. There are still available seats. Here’s the link to the class description: https://www.sitkacenter.com/classes/detail.lasso?recid=2432

You can always contact me at sara.swink@gmail.com or  971-271-0480.

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