Welcome to our 19th year!

Thank You to our visitors, artists, and supporters!

As our year ends we celebrate the 106 artists that invited the public to become immersed in the creative process and learn about the expression of art. I visited studios across the city last October joining hundreds of patrons watching live demonstration of the creative process, discussing the artist’s concepts, passionate viewpoints, and learning about the techniques and materials mastered throughout an artist’s career. Each studio readily provided personal connections, diverse subject matter, and the opportunity to start, or add to personal art collections. Thank you so much to our fans who braved the stormy weather, navigated downed trees and debris, and even saw some studios by flashlight and candlelight. We are grateful for all your support and enthusiasm for this annual event!

Our artists continue to be the heart of our organization. Their unique ability to create a tangible expression of our culture is the core element drawing visitors to the studios. We see our artist’s dedication to our mission through their mentorship in our Intern program. We see them building strong connections and networking with other artists in their neighborhood to create strong community. We’ve enjoyed our artists strong spirit of volunteerism and support for this event, and on behalf of the board: THANK YOU! You are our rock stars!

Our Tour Guide heavily relies on distribution in your communities. We especially want to thank the independent art stores continuing to promote our event year after year: Collage, I’ve Been Framed and Muse. Returning to our roster, Blick sold guides and hosted artists for demos, and newcomer Artist & Craftsmen made a splash this year selling for us. New Seasons also continued to distribute our guides at their 18 locations. We thank all of you for supporting our event!

Our organization also relies heavily on ad space, sponsorship and donations. Our artists stretched their efforts and their support by selling and purchasing ads and donating during the Oregonians Give event last November. New and returning advertisers filled our pages with places to eat, drink, and shop locally. Pindrops in our app attracted patrons to stop in for coffee or even take an art class in the future. Thank you Shu-Ju Wang for your coordination and partnership; our app continues to receive compliments and kudos! Also Special Thanks to Claire Oliphant for her sponsorship this year, and her service as a board member and distribution chair. We appreciate everyone’s effort in maintaining the value and quality of our event!

Portland Open Studios marches into 2017 continuing our mission: To be an essential component in the Portland art community by bringing artist and patron together in an atmosphere of learning about the artistic process, enabling the artists as entrepreneurs in support of thriving art community resulting in a public passionate about art.

2017 Tour Dates: October 14 – 15 & 21 – 22   10-5 pm

What’s New for 2017?

Bigger Education program. We are extending our mentorship program, and are recruiting students now to provide flexibility for meeting with mentors that can extend both before and after the tour itself.

More events! Our visitors loved the preview events at Basic Space Gallery, Rental Sales Gallery, and the individual preview opportunities artists created for their personal audiences. We’ll continue looking for other partnerships to keep our artists’ names and work in public view beyond October. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications about Events.

We’ve got a new logo, a new look! Our website went through a lot of changes last year, and we continue to maintain our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’re working with a social media strategist to attract new patrons and increase our visibility.

Our participating Artists are seeing changes too, like less required volunteer hours, and shorter, targeted meetings. Read this blog post to find out more.

As we look to 2017, the world is reeling from recent events. The art community in Portland continues in a constant upheaval of galleries, studio space, struggling art organizations, and now we have uncertainty about support for the Arts and Humanities at the national level. The struggle is real, and it’s going to get harder. Your support of this organization is vital as we start to move forward.

On behalf of the Board, and with my personal gratitude,

Thank you!!

Kerri Hewett, President


2 thoughts on “Welcome to our 19th year!

  1. Wish I lived in Portland or could visit more often. Would love to spend those two weekends visiting the artists. Thanks for the short tours while I’m in town.

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