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Announcing our 2023 Portland Open Studios Artists

Portland Open Studios is so excited to welcome our 2023 artists for our 25th year!


Outer SW Portland Inner SW Portland NW Portland
Kasey Wanford Donald Brown Becca Drach Natasha Ramras
Ian Madin Lori Latham David Trowbridge Eric Rue
Beth Yazhari Sherry Hastings Madeleine Moore Deanna Schuerbeke
Virginia McKinney Hui-Yong Kim (Ford) Diane Russell Heather John
Travis Pond Jack Liskear Ryan Birkland Gretha Lindwood
Elaine Aye Lacy Lowry Scott Conary April Xu
Sara Swink William Hernandez Lauren Huie Laura O'Brien
Brian Hanna
Kathryn Ann Myers
JacQueline Rose
Tracie Broughton
Darla Boljat
Lindsey Eldredge-Fox
Justin Jude Carroll
Tina Jeffers
Michele Sabatier
Paul and Kathryn Kramer Waters
Outer SE Portland Inner SE Portland North Portland Northeast Portland Elisabeth Pardoe
Nanette Wallace Larry Olson Nathan Sandberg Dianna Shyne Jennifer Mercede
Val Hubbard Star Harthern Catherine Freshley Donna Stevens Paul Rutz
Gia Whitlock Karin Moggridge Chris Horner David Horste Theresa Arrison
Benjamin Posin Steve Dehlinger Jarred Decker Chris Harmon Carson Abbert
Jeni Lee Nicki Beiderman Christopher Collett Adrianne Feldstein Justin Auld
Maile Sand Tatyana Ostapenko Mark Germann Zhanna Tsytsyn Marian Flood
Monika Vitek Thérèse Murdza Andrea Matthews Hector Hernandez
Carrie Carlson Liz Dexter Sienna Cenere Linneah Hanson
Nathan Cooper Alison Dougherty Hannah Theiss Jory Aronson
Robert Procter Martin Eichinger David Carmack Lewis Helen Kennedy
Isabelle Soulé Joanne Radmilovich Kollman Chris McMurry Dan Pillers
Trifon Markov Carol Greiwe Leah Kohlenberg William Park
Elena Markov Amy Fields Hazel Glass Pepe Moscoso
Mariel Del Rincon Charles Piatt Lisa Ellis Erin LaCerra

Rachel Austin Nicole Mark Jennifer Foran

Bernell Loeb Maude Anne May Emily Pratt

Brett Stern R. Keaney Rathbun Jessica Bernert

Erica Faria
Liz Borowski

Renee Hartig
Katie Mudd

Fiaindratovo Manavihare
Gesine Kratzner

Josh Gates
Anne Mavor

Portland Open Studios is a local non profit that creates a unique educational opportunity for the public to witness art in the making, and learn about media, materials, and the business of creative endeavor. Through this interaction, Portland Open Studios creates a platform for local artists to thrive, engage, and fosters a community that values the arts.

COVID has drastically changed that but we have stepped up to the challenge by expanding our offerings to include professional development for our artists. These classes are specifically intended to help artists navigate the ever changing landscape and to continue to connect with our community.

Learn more about our Mission and History by clicking on the photo.

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FAQ for Portland Open Studios application questions.

General FAQ Meeting

Read the story about the amazing artist and her family that have made this scholarship available to young artists.

  • Diane Hunt, longtime tourgoer
    Diane Hunt, longtime tourgoer

    My moment with these talented people of great innovation and creativity, they make me feel like I’m being lifted up to their world, just talking to them, hearing their creative process. Watching them do their thing, it lifts me up into that world, and then I get to bring some of it home and I always remember being inspired or moved by what I saw.

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    P3 Insurance
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