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Mission & History

Portland Open Studios is a 24 year old arts non profit working to bridge the gap between artist and patron.


Portland Open Studios has come a long way since we started in 1998.  What began as a gathering of artists who wanted to showcase their work in their communities, quickly blossomed into a vibrant artist ecosystem with as many facets as a diamond.  When asked why our artists want to be a part of Portland Open Studios the number one response is the community it builds.

The art studio tour itself has expanded to include 120 studios for 2022 and includes nearly every city neighborhood.  The popular tour is visited by thousands of fans on the second and third weekends of each October, all eager to experience art being made right in front of them.   Our ethos of "meet the maker" meshes well with the values of this creative, experience driven city.

In 2021, we opened the PDXOS Academy, a professional development component specifically designed to help our artists stay competitive in an ever changing environment. We offer multiple workshops and training sessions for our participating artists. These sessions cover a wide range of topics from developing an effective artist website to making sales using your email list. This year we also added panels on more current topics such as Creative Collaborations and NFT's.   

In keeping with our educational mission, Portland Open Studios offers an educational internship program to high-school and college students. In addition, the Kimberly Gales Scholarship for Emerging Artists is available to artists between the ages of 20 and 30. Read about current and past Kimberly Gales Scholarship winners. In 2022 we added the Molly Cliff Hilts scholarship for Historically Marginalized Artists. These scholarships not only cover an artists' participation fee, but also offer professional training on an individual basis as needed by each artist.  

It is the mission of Portland Open Studios to become an essential component in the Portland community providing unique experiences that showcase an inclusive and diverse artistic community. Through this work we seek to support artists to thrive professionally and to light a passion for art within the Portland community.