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Board & Staff


The Portland Open Studios Board is an amazing group of people dedicated to the arts, education, and cultural advance. 


  • Kirista Trask is an Abstract Artist and Creative Game changer with 20 years of experience in small business development and non profit development. She is the owner of Cambium Gallery, an Astoria contemporary art gallery that specializes on regional artists with a focus on historically marginalized artists. She has been with Portland Open Studios for six years now, first as a participating artist, then serving on the board for three years before becoming the first Executive Director.


  • Leah Kohlenberg is an artist who moved to Portland, Oregon in 2011. After being rejected by Portland Open Studios on her first attempt (in 2014), she tried again and was accepted for the first time in 2015. "Once I walked in the room of the first artist meeting, I knew I was home," she said. Kohlenberg knew that Portland Open Studio's inclusivity and community building, riding alongside with an expectation of excellence in art-making, represented her core beliefs about making and marketing art. She joined the board as Vice President in 2016, and became president in 2017. She's served on the board in various capacities since that time, and in 2022 assumed the role of board president once again.

  • This is Jolinda's sixth year on the board and it has been an honor being a part of an organization with a growth mindset and big dreams!
    Every year Portland Open Studios works hard to deliver an amazing experience for artists and the public, bringing both challenges
    and triumphs for the board. As a retired teacher with a life-long love of the arts, she knows how important creativity is for well-being and
    this event each year immerses the public in creativity and allows them to bring some home if they choose! This is truly one of the
    best events in Portland and she's proud to be a part of it!


  • Kristin Solomon is a Creative Business Strategist with over 20 years of experience in business administration, development, fundraising, marketing, communications, design, event planning, and project management in the field of arts and culture. Kristin is the Founder and Lead Principal of Arts & Cultural MGMT, an agency that serves artists, non-profits, and mission-based organizations. She gives her clients guidance on how to develop and build sustainable creative business practices through one-on-one coaching sessions, online courses, workshops, and retreats. In addition to running ACM, she is the part time Director of Blackfish Gallery, a 40+ year old cooperative in the Pearl Arts District and the Treasurer of the Portland Arts Dealers Association. She joined the Board of Portland Open Studios in 2021 because she admires PDXOS' stellar programming, loves connecting with artists in her community, and possesses a deep passion for helping them find ways to earn a living from their creativity.