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Scholarship Opportunities

The Kimberly Gales Scholarship for Emerging Artists is available to artists between the ages of 20 and 30 and participating for the first time.

Kimberly Gales Scholarship Winners

Who was Kimberly Gales?

Learn more about Kimberly Gales in this news article.

Molly Cliff Hilts Scholarship for Historically Marginalized Artists

Molly Cliff-Hilts described herself as a ‘visual artist whose allegorical landscape paintings consider the synergy of the natural world and the impact of humankind, conveyed through atmospheric oil backgrounds contrasted with crisp lithographic imagery over layers of wax.'

In 2018, Molly began mentoring her daughter-in-law, Dulce Montalvo, who became her right hand and assistant. Molly knew that many talented artists like Dulce had suffered from a lack of access to mentors, tools and opportunities to display and showcase their work. 

The Molly Cliff-Hilts Scholarship for historically marginalized artists will provide financial assistance and support for artists' fees and expenses, and will award its first scholarship in 2022.  Your donation will help support and encourage Portland’s diverse and dynamic arts community.

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Molly Cliff Hilts Scholarship Winners

  • 2022 Cole Reed

    2022 Cole Reed

  • 2022 Linda Sawaya

    2022 Linda Sawaya

  • 2022 Tiera Myers

    2022 Tiera Myers